01.20.21 Agenda

9:00-10:00 AM

Caring for the Professional Caregiver During Crisis

• Dr. Carla Cheatham, Carla Cheatham Consulting Group

Professional caregiving is already a challenging task. Health care has been facing particularly difficult times with financial and regulatory uncertainty in recent years. In 2020, we've encountered a new opportunity to deepen our emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and resilience that will allow us to not only survive but actually thrive through these and other circumstances. This presentation will review the literature related to the moral distress, moral injury, and various forms of trauma professional caregivers are facing in our current reality and practical solutions for building greater resilience and post-traumatic growth in ourselves, our teams, and those whom we seek to serve.

10:30-11:30 AM

Wrapping Your Arms Around RAP Requirements for 2021 and Beyond

• Melinda Gaboury, Healthcare Provider Solutions

The new year brings with it many changes and challenges, with the most significant change affecting the submission of Requests for Anticipated Payments (RAPs) and the eventual introduction of the Notice of Admission (NOA). RAPs will have no associated reimbursement in 2021, but will carry a monetary penalty if not filed timely. The NOA completely eliminates that RAP and carries a penalty that could erase all payments for the entire time you have cared for the patient! Preparation is key!

12:30-1:30 PM

Coding Under PDGM: Getting it Right the First Time!

• J'non Griffin, Home Health Solutions – A Simione Coding Company

As we mark one year into the Patient-Driving Groupings Model (PDGM), your charts are subject to increased scrutiny as it relates to accurate coding and medical necessity. Is your coding as accurate as it needs to be? This session will review the different structural components of the PDGM and what you need to focus on in your documentation in order to save your agency money. Attendees will gain an understanding of why focus of care makes a difference in payment, how the clinical documentation drives the selection of clinical categories, how to set up internal and external query processes, and the importance of the bottom line.

12:30-1:30 PM

Managing a Remote Workforce: Keeping People Engaged and On Track

• Eric Scharber, Exact Recruiting, A Simione Talent Solution
• Laura Wilson, Simione Healthcare Consultants

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, many workers continue to uphold their professional responsibilities in a remote capacity. During this session, home care agency leaders will learn how to differentiate the challenges of managing a remote staff versus in-office staff. Areas to be explored include how to leverage technology to expand communication; key takeaways to improve your remote employee management process; proven “soft skills” for keeping the remote worker supported and connected; and what it takes to define and manage productivity with remote employees.

2:00-3:00 PM

Diversity and Inclusion: A Learning Curve in the Process of Change

• Dr. Anita Foster-Horne, Anita's Butterfly Consulting

Identifying the need to be diverse can be eye-opening in multiple ways. Diversity encapsulates more than inclusion — it measures our ability to share differences, build relationships, and be creative thinkers. Identifying healthy solutions to diversity requires a deeper understanding of the many definitions available. The workforce is the breeding ground of innovation, collaboration, and cultural sensitivity. While training and mentorship expedite professional development, engaging the workforce’s ideas, energy, and insight leads to improved customer experience, faster innovation, and greater retention rates. As efforts increase for diversity positions and initiatives, inclusivity is the foundation upon which culture is built to last. The world is on the cusp of change and the future requires leadership. What role will you play? It’s time to RESET!

2:00-3:00 PM

Private Duty 101: Expand Your Agency's Horizons!

• Kristen Wheeler, Home Care Association of Florida

Are you interested in providing Private Duty services and just don’t know where to start? Regulations for Medicare/Medicaid-certified agencies are very different than regulations for Private Duty. Most administrators of Certified agencies are so used to the heavily restrictive federal regulations that they just can’t wrap their brains around what does and doesn’t apply to Private Duty. Join Kristen Wheeler, HCAF’s Director of Private Duty Services, and learn all about the options you have with your current license, as well as the big differences in regulations. Topics to be discussed include the pros and cons of providing Private Duty services with a Certified license; how to open a licensed-only agency; and current U.S. Department of Labor wage and hour laws to protect your agency from legal issues.